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What is my skin type? A 21st century update

At Pai HQ, Wednesday’s are Stylist days – and last week we spotted a really interesting article about modern day skin types I wanted to share.

In “A new way of looking at your skin”, Anita Bhagwandas writes that the common skin type categories we still use today (think dry, oily, combination) were actually originally defined by beauty pioneer Helena Rubenstein in the early 1900s. Yes – that’s over a century ago!

Obviously a lot has changed since then.

Our diets, environment and lifestyles have altered drastically. According to Anita, our annual diets now shockingly contain 45kg more sugar and seven times more wine than those of our Edwardian sisters.

Add to this higher stress levels, hormonal imbalances and daily exposure to irritants and chemicals, and we’re virtually different women.

As we know all these factors have an impact on our skin – so are we right to still use old measures to rule our modern skincare choices?

Before Pai this was always something I struggled with – my skin was reactive, but also combination, so there was no one product that was really right for me.

While Pai do use the terms dry, oily and combination (I find they help customers understand the levels of oil they need) these are bolstered by terms like dehydration, sensitised and imbalanced skin – modern day problems that are just as definitive as the standard terms we’re used to.

Our products are also tailored to meet the dual needs of specific skin types not typically catered for – sensitive dry skin, sensitive mature skin, sensitive combination skin and sensitive oily skin.

What do you think? Do you struggle to find a product that’s right for the modern day needs of your skin?


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