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Update from a while ago : loseit

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Howdy y’all!

I made a post a few months ago and you guys seemed to enjoy that so I figured I’d follow up with the most recent photo that was taken.

The photo was taken by my fiance miss Kathryn <3.

Just fully comprehended this as I was typing.

When I was 465 there’s no way I would have ever gone to the woods.

Let alone be able to survive the 2 hrs we were there.

Auto mod seems to not like short and quick posts for some reason.
Anyway, I guess I can use this to answer some questions that were asked last time.

Q. What diet are you doing?
A. Keto with Intermittent fasting. 20/4 1400 kc

Q. Stats?!

A. 6’2” (187.96 cm) 317 lbs (143 kg)

Q. Workout?
A. Don’t honestly have an answer for it. I have worked out over the 2 years of doing this, but nothing really stuck. What you need to understand is that one simply doesn’t hit nearly 500 lbs without having some joint issues. hahah 🙂

Q. Career?

A. Software Engineer / Desktop Operations (Basically if the computer goes beep and boop I can try and fix it.) CLEARLY NOT A GRAPHIC DESIGNER!

That was the general idea from the last one. Also, it is worth noting I was able to export all of the weight data to a csv file and make some of my own fancy graphics from it and data mine my own stuff. For a nerd like me if you give me a database of some kind I’m going to find a way to have fun with it!

Fun times y’all. Stay safe and stay healthy 🙂

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