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Today is my Cake Day. I made this account specifically to participate in /r/loseit. : loseit

I have always been fat. I was 10lbs when I was born. I was 339lbs as a 14 year old Freshman… In Jauary 2018, I went to the doctor. I found out I was 423lbs. I was over 415lbs for the previous 11 years… Since then I have lost over 125lbs (when you factor in the regains). I’m down nearly 40lbs from last year when I made this account. I haven’t been perfect and I have taken periods off, but I am nearly 90lb down from my highest weight. I still have a long way to go, but slow and sustainable is the game plan.

Brief timeline

January – March 2018: 423lbs to 408lbs = -16lbs. I wasn’t prepared, but did lose weight, but didn’t do it sustainable. I didn’t have a real plan. I walked, ate less, then tried Keto. Lost more weight, but not sure since I never weighed after I tried Keto.

May – October 2018: Stopped trying. I did maintain, but it’s not hard to maintain 408lbs.

October – Thanksgiving: 408lbs to 390bs = -18lbs. Got a stationary bike, food scale, body scale, and started to track. Hit snag during the holidays.

Thanksgiving – January 14th, 2019: 390lbs to 400lbs = +10lbs. Holidays were rough, but I planned on getting back to it.

January 14th – June 26th, 2019: 400bs to 338lbs = -62lbs. My cousin was getting married that June and I committed to going, so I had to lose some weight to feel comfortable.

July – October 14th, 2019: 338lbs to 354lbs = +16lbs. I work seasonal jobs as a truck driver. I abandoned my journey, but knew it was temporary. I stopped working out along with weighing and logging.

October 14th – December 6th, 2019: 354lbs to 344lbs = -10lbs. I knew I was going to take a break in December since I had a road trip planned across the country and I was going to indulge in a lot of food.

December 6th – January 13th, 2020: 344lbs to 354lbs = +10lbs. I enjoyed myself and now it was time to get back to it. January to July is the longest stretch of the year where I work on my journey.

January 13th – Present: 354lbs to 334lbs = -20lbs. I am currently trying to get down under the 300s. I don’t even know when the last time I was under 300. Definitely middle school.

What I have done
At first I ate less then I started tracking calories. I invested into a home gym. I started with a stationary bike. Then a free weight bench and total home gym. I workout 5 days a week. I eat the same food that has made me fat, but I eat less of it. I weight it and log it.

I still have 134lbs I want to lose then build up 25lbs of muscle. Looking at the regains written down worried me. I feel confident this place and hours of research has prepared me to be able to handle that kind of situation. I need to build better habits when it comes to sweets. When I am not working out and tracking I can eat 1,500+ calories in just sweets. That is my greatest downfall. Empty, sugary, goodness.

tl;dr: I’m Still_Fat_Man, but I’m Less_Fat_Man.

423lbs to 334lbs

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