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The best thing I did to help me remind me of my progress and stay motivated was putting up a bulletin board with my progress pics above my scale. Pic in post text. : loseit

I started my journey at 360~ lbs and I have lost 130 lbs so far, but I kept looking in the mirror and thinking that I haven’t changed at all and progress wasn’t being made. Because of those thoughts, I fell off of the wagon and put the weight back on so many times. 5.5 months ago I started again at 300 lbs, and I have made crazy progress in that time. And that’s largely due to this idea. I’m currently at 230 lbs, that’s 70 lbs in 5.5 months!

I had this idea awhile ago, and was super excited to try it out. It has helped me SO much. Every time I step on that scale, I’m reminded of the crazy progress I’ve made, and it makes me feel happy, better about myself, and motivated, which is especially needed for those days you magically gain a couple of pounds. I also plan on putting up goals and other miscellaneous motivational things.

This sub and everyone in it have helped me so much with help, advice, stories and personal experience, recommendations, information. So I figured I would pay it forward in hopes this helps someone with their motivation and weight loss.

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