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[SV] I hit my first goal weight today!

Since jumping back on the losing train in November, I’ve lost 27.4lbs.

I’ve lost weight through quitting drinking and restricting my calories. I also do Intermittent Fasting on an 18:6 schedule. As of a couple months ago I also started incorporating weight training in to my workouts at least 3 days a week.

I’m happy to say my relationship with food has changed a lot. I’ve yoyo’d so much because I always felt like I was depriving myself of all the good food out there. The first time I started losing back in 2018 I was actually 225lbs! I was vigorous and disciplined for five months and dropped down to 180lbs. I immediately went back to bad habits and rose back up to 202lbs. The progress photo in this post is me at 202, and today at 174.6.

When I decided to quit drinking (I’d had a problem for probably close to 10 years), I made several other healthy changes too. Because I wasn’t getting drunk every night I was drinking more water, sleeping better, and making great food choices. I learned sober me really doesn’t care for junk food because of how icky it makes me feel. I realised exercise can actually be enjoyable when you’re not hungover or coughing up a lung because you smoke a pack a day.

I’ve learned that I can be tired and lazy, and that’s okay as long as it’s not every day. To counteract some of my laziness I started meal prepping on Sundays. It’s amazing. Everything is ready for me throughout the week and I know exactly how many calories I’m consuming.

If I don’t want to hit the gym that day, I’ll ask myself “do you want to get stronger today? Or should we give ourselves a rest?” Often I’ll go, but I won’t feel guilty for taking time off either.

I’ve been able to change my mindset. Diet and exercise are no longer a punishment for my unhealthy choices before. They’re gifts to myself and future me. Healthy, sustainable gifts.

I am now working on my second goal weight of 150lbs. I’m also seeing a massage therapist a couple times a month to help me with my posture. As you can see in my front photo, my shoulders are uneven. This is from years of bad posture and an awkward sleeping position. The massages I get and the stretches the RMT is teaching me is helping with this.

Looking forward to checking back in in another 25lbs!

Happy Friday everyone.

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