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Stopped counting calories, still losing weight. This really is a lifestyle change. : loseit

Over the last couple years I’ve gone from over 200lbs as a 5’6 woman to my current weight of 133.9lbs. Not all of it was healthy weight loss, I have struggled with disordered eating for a lot of my life. But the last year I dropped about 30 lbs just counting calories religiously, and it’s been actually pretty easy, albeit inconvenient. I didn’t deprive myself of any foods, I just found a way to keep them in my budget. I kept to about 12-1300 calories a day, with occasional cheat days where I’d let myself go up to maintenance if there was a special occasion.

My original goal weight was 135, but I’ve decided I’d like to lose 10 more pounds than that, however I’ve gotten kind of tired of counting calories. So, I decided to try eating without weighing my food and see how it goes. It’s been about a week, and while I’m still aware of about how much I’m eating and I’m making healthy choices, I’ve also had ice cream almost everyday the last week, as well as steak dinners. And I’ve lost over a pound!

I guess this is what intuitive eating is, right? I have a solid grasp on nutrition and general calorie counts, but I’m not weighing out every single thing. It’s very freeing, and apparently still effective at helping me reach my goals. I feel confident that I can continue to lose, and eventually maintain for the rest of my life.

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I’m not sure exactly what weight I’m at here, probably around 180, could be higher. I didn’t take any progress photos as I was usually very insecure. The other picture is me 5 minutes ago.

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