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So break ups really help… : loseit

So while I might be in total complete breakdown mode because I have borderline personality disorder and my relationship of 5 years has ended. But at least it kind of kicked my motivation to get back to my old weight. Its only been a month, maybe month and a half and Ive lost at least 20 pounds. I’m not sure the exact amount because i didn’t weigh myself immediately when I started. But comparing pictures just makes me so happy. I look back to what I looked like and im not sucking out or anything I was so bloated and was eating fast food like 4 times a day to feel like a person but it was actually making me feel so so far from that. Ive never shared pictures like this before but i dont really have friends so i wanna tell someone 🙂

(Ive never posted before idk fully how to add pics)


Adding another picture here ( Eta: when i finally weighed myself i was 298 and now today i was 276.

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