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Slowly making progress [162 > 139]. Photos really so show progress more than you might realise. Same grey t-shirt, but now it fits! : loseit

3 years it’s taken me to drop just 23lbs. I know that might seem ridiculously slow to a lot of you, but I came to realise early on that I struggle if I try and do too much at once.

Instead I decided to do cycles or losing and maintenance. So far it’s working, still use CICO and IF during maintenance periods to stop me gaining, just not as strictly.

I’ve always been very active, cycling 15 miles per day to commute, running several times a week with weight training and climbing mixed in. This made it more clear than ever that exercising more wasn’t the answer for me to lose weight and it really did come down to eating less.

I stopped buying snacks as if they’re not there, then you can’t eat them.

I guess I’m just here to say it’s ok to go at your own pace and take breaks when you need them.

link to progress pic

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