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Running with LoseIt – 3/9/2020

This is a weekly post for the runners of LoseIt. Runners of all levels are welcome here — from brand new runners starting C25k (couch to 5K) to experiences marathoners. I was traveling last week and was unable to post. I feel bad as I likely had the time but I was out of my usual routine and it just didn’t happen.

This post is most for posting weekly updates on your running, telling us about your first run, asking questions, posting running-related NSVs, and just sharing your LoseIt runner experiences.

In addition to the weekly updates I also talk about some topic related to running to get through the minimum length and the automod. This week… the 10K!

The 10K (6.2 Miles)

There’s lots of prep to assist you getting started and getting up to a 5K. But I wanted to cover the next step up – 10K.

The 10K is a really great distance. As a runner you have time to settle into your pace. Most new runners will be taking 50-70 minutes to run this distance — so there’s time to correct and change your plan.

When you run a 5K, the pace is hard and keeps being hard. While there’s strategy in a 5K race for experienced runners I think most beginners are just hanging on to as fast a pace they can for the distance. With 10K your pace require a little more planning. You can’t hang on to a 5K pace for a 10K, you need to back off a little. As you hit the mid point or last 2 miles you have time to adjust and push harder if there’s something left in the tank.

Training for a 10K from Scratch

If you’ve never run before you can do a Couch to 10K plan. Here’s a few samples —

Running Tips 12 week program has you reaching 50 minutes of running —

Runner’s Blueprint 13 week program has you also reaching 50 minutes of running —

You can always just start with Couch 2 5K then move on to one of the plans below.

Training for a 10K if you wrapped up C25K or can run 30 minutes

Bridge to 10K- 6 Week plan has you running 60 minutes —

Hal Higdons 8 week program has you running 5.5 miles —

Run Double’s 6 week 10K plan —

Training Considerations if you are slow runner (6:30+/km or 11:00+/mile)

I’m a slow runner, often going 12/min or slower per mile. I’m not making any podiums anytime soon but I still enjoy running so much and really don’t care about the time.

When I train for the distance here I consider the time it will take to complete the race and train for that. At 12/min a mile, I will need 1 hour 14-15 minutes (74-75 minutes) to complete a 10K. While training for this run, I would suggest to someone like myself rather than pushing hard to run 6 miles or 5.5 miles in the plans above or running just 60 minutes, instead go out on your final training runs and continuously run at any speed for that 74-75 minutes. You need not cover all 10K/6.2 miles — but instead just get to know you can go for that much time.

Always have a plan here to negative split — this means cover the second half faster than the first half. Throughout your training for the 10K try to push harder for the last 15-20 minutes of your runs/workouts once a week to up your pace over the last 2km or 1.5 miles.

Weekly Update

How did your week go? Did you get in the miles you wanted to? Did you run any races? Did you complete a week of C25K? Did you run for the first time? Let us know!

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