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Pictures from the bar last night made me finally realize I look DIFFERENT! : loseit

Hey guys! I’ve lost 40 pounds since January 11, 2019 when my girlfriend broke up with me. I went from 224 (SW) to 184 (CW). 30 of those pounds were simply weight I gained in our year of dating– we ate out and snacked a lot. I went through… pretty much a mental breakdown after she left me, but that prompted me to get back in therapy and get on antidepressants. Unfortunately, I’ve suffered with disordered eating for 4+ years now (on all ends of the spectrum), so losing weight in a healthy way was really hard at first.

I had to stop trying to lose weight for several months after I lost a good bit because it was severely affecting my mental health again. But, with the help of my therapist, getting my meds right, and prioritizing myself more and more every day, I’ve been able to get a lot better! I’ve started losing weight again, and holy shit I’m down 40 pounds!

Here’s the thing though, I’m wearing the same clothes (most of my clothes are leggings and t shirts tbh– not out of insecurity I’m just a comfy gal– so they stretch and shrink with me) so I haven’t really been able to notice a difference at all which has been a bummer. I don’t really care what the scale says. I want to feel healthy and look good as hell!

Well I went to the bar with my friends last night and had someone snap a pic of us because we were looking cute. I compared it to pictures of me at 224 and holy shit guys

I LOOK SO GOOD and I’m not even done yet!! Currently I’m doing it by using these few rules…

*Eat full fat versions of stuff, not “light” (it tastes gross usually and isn’t as filling) just eat less of it.

*Stay around 1400 calories a day. I’m 5’4″ so that’s good for me. Before I was trying to do 1100 or so, and that made me so hungry I’d binge.

*Meal prep when I can.

*Count every calorie I eat.

*No sodas or anything like that. I do still drink alcohol semi regularly. I’m in college… not giving that up yet lol. I just count it!

*Don’t freak out if I don’t want to count calories one day (usually when I’m feeling depressed.) Today I was a huge loaf and didn’t want to do anything all day. (Probably because I overdid it a little bit at the bar last night…) and the thought of counting calories made me really sad. I didn’t do it. Estimating though, I ate around my maintenance calories. It won’t be a big deal in the long run! I’ll do better tomorrow. Old me would have said fuck it and let this turn into a bad week instead of a maintenance day.

*see a therapist and take my meds regularly.

I feel and look so much better. I’ve also stopped several other harmful behaviors (ex: vaping) that I won’t get too far into, but man I feel good! I’m getting a big girl job soon and graduating in a few months!

I guess I’m just posting to encourage other people, and honestly so y’all will gas me up a little lol. Feel free to AMA here or in the DMs (don’t be creepy tho pleaseeee.)

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