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Pai celebrate sisters and their beauty secrets!

As part of our Sister Week celebrations I’ve caught up with a few members of the Pai team and their lovely sisters to hear their top tips and best beauty secrets.

First up is our Marketing & PR Assistant, Flo and her sister, Alice!

Best beauty product your sister has introduced you to?

Flo: “It’s more of a multitasker than a straight beauty product, but it’s got to be coconut oil. After tasting some of Alice’s food I now use it to cook and also as a super-hydrating hair mask.

Alice: I love the Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil – I have a tiny scar on my chin which has faded so much since I started stealing Flo’s regularly!

What’s her biggest beauty disaster been?

Flo: Alice has quite a few! I think my favourite was when she dyed her eyebrows black by mistake and looked a bit like a mime artist.

We laughed at her so much she tried to lighten them with Jolene bleach and they went bright orange!

Alice: Not my best look…

Flo’s would probably be when she accidentally shaved off the front half of her eyebrow – we have a strong history of eyebrow issues in our family!”

If you love sharing your new beauty finds with your sister, remember you can refer her to Pai throughout this week and both receive 10% off your next order. Just fill out this super simple form.

Stay tuned for more sisterly advice this week…

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