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[NSV] I can finally sit cross-legged in high waist jeans WITHOUT a huge muffin top spilling out!!!! Pic inside! : loseit

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Being THIS close to my goal weight is THE BEST FEELING EVER!!!!I started at 136 lbs and am now at 120 and since I’m short, those 16 pounds make a huge difference!!I used to be one of those people who called themselves “naturally skinny” until severe depression hit me like a ton of bricks and I started stuffing my face with basically high-calorie things, only!Well, turns out, naturally skinny is a myth and even I put on some weight simply because I consumed more than I burned – I guess having grown up in a 6-person household with a mom who cooked fresh and healthy every single day just taught me healthy eating-habits, I’ve always been a slow eater and knew that I was feeling full after what to other people probably is a too small amount of food.

I gained most of the fat around my stomach so one of my biggest pet peeves was the huge muffin top that spilled out of my jeans whenever I sat down. In particular whenever I was sitting cross-legged (and I LOVE sitting cros-legged!) and being able to sit comfortably like that again was a huge goal of mine!

And today I can. I’ve been tracking my calories since November and have lost weight slowly but steadily!
There’s still a tiny muffin top, probably it’ll always be there since I only want to lose about 6-7 more pounds but I can TOTALLY live with that!! I feel so GOOOOD and can’t stop taking pictures of my new body lol!

Just thought I’d share this lovely, non-scale victory with you guys, maybe it’ll motivate some of you to keep going 🙂

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