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No more super salads : loseit

Today I changed a bad habit that occurred to me that I often did. When making a salad I like to put a lot of ingredients in them when I make it for just myself: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, olives, white cheese, tuna, sardines, red onion, virgin olive oil, paprika, and sometimes even more stuff. This ends up being a lot and then I tend to overeat and it will all be gone by eating it the same day, and the day after. This is a huge amount of salad to eat, which I never fully realized. So even though it’s a somewhat healthy salad, it is still overeating and definitely was a bad habit of mine. I weighted the salad and it came to a total of 1,7 kg. This time I split it into 4 trays to eat over the next few days and have normal amounts.

Similarly I used to sometimes buy a big 1 kg block of supermarket lasagna bolognese and eat it all that same night. This was one of the first things I considered that was excessive when I started losing weight and I did buy the block and cut it in half to eat half of it as dinner, and freeze the other half. But now I don’t even do that anymore as I don’t consider those supermarket lasagnas to be particularly healthy and I learned how to make better tasting lasagna myself instead. Making a quick and simple one with few ingredients is already much better and very preferable.

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