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My weight loss progress as expressed by notches in my belt.

This belt has been with me since I was wearing size 38 in the waist pants. As of now 29’s are starting to feel too loose.

I’ve been working at it for a while and I’m currently under 140, when I started I was 220ish. I used Keto as a general guideline for eating and just stopped eating more than was needed otherwise. If I found myself looking in the fridge or pantry because I was bored or something, I’d start repeating “I don’t need it, not gonna eat it” until the feeling passed.

As a side note, why is there so much sugar in so much stuff?

It was difficult to get going and stick with it but it’s real easy once you get used to it. There were a lot of attempts before I finally stuck with it because it’s so easy to not see results quickly and then think it’s impossible to succeed.

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