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My boss called me fat and my coworker asked if I was pregnant, so since May 5th I’ve lost 22 lbs. : loseit

If you’re wondering where I work, I work in a deli. My boss is another woman. So was the lady who asked if I was pregnant. So no sexual harassment if you were worried, except from this weird dude who worked at the sushi bar.

I was aware of my weight being a problem, and knew I didn’t look good, but others noting of it and acting accordingly helped push me into healthier habits. “Fat shaming” works!

Since I’ve started losing weight, I’ve always gotten better hours and better treatment. Being fat truly screws you over in every way.

More people could probably benefit from the brutal honesty of my coworkers lol. Foreign people don’t really tip toe around people, they just tell the truth even when it’s unasked for.

Edit: The lady who said I was pregnant said I look a lot better lately, and my boss said “oh you’re skinnier, before you were so big (making hand gestures) and now you’re losing. What are you doing? Can you see my face getting smaller?”

also a before and after

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