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M/30/6’0 [295 > 194 = 101 lbs] 22 months of counting calories and hitting the gym : loseit

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Didn’t do anything fancy other than tracking how many calories I was eating, my macros (mainly protein), going to the gym, and playing soccer for some cardio.

I don’t remember how many calories I started at, but throughout the whole process I used a BMR calculator and the Harris Benedict equation to figure out how many calories my body was burning in a day, and made sure to eat at least 500 calories less, with a much larger deficit in the beginning. I try to eat as much protein as possible, usually at least 100g a day.

I’ve been extremely busy the past 6 months so I haven’t had time to go to the gym more than twice a week. Because of that, I do chest/shoulders/triceps one day and back/biceps/lower body/core the other day, both with as many compound lifts as possible. It’s not the best routine but it lets me workout my whole body in the limited time I have.

Other than that, the main thing was just overall consistency. I have occasional cheat days or rarely a cheat weekend, but I don’t eat terrible all the time, like I did before. As long as I make up that surplus in the future, I don’t stress over it.

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