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lost 20 lbs and shocked at how much of a difference it made : loseit

so i started off being 5’6” and 200 lbs, classified as obese. i finally got a scale and broke into tears when i saw my weight, i hadn’t been weighed in a year and i had gained 15 lbs. it made me feel sick to my stomach. i’m now 178lbs 🙂

that day i threw out all the junk in my apartment and made a meal plan for the week. i had to start now or it was never going to happen. i started going to the gym and doing a lot of cardio. i had made it down to 190 before covid hit and all the gyms shut down. after that i decided i had to keep going and i was determined not to gain weight during quarantine. i planned all my meals, eating lots of veggies and drinking at least 2,000mls of water a day. i did daily workouts from youtube as well.

there were days where i allowed myself to cheat obviously. i ordered out or got myself some chocolate from the grocery store. i remained at 185-187 for about 3 weeks and i got so frustrated, that frustration lead to me eating badly. but i just had to remind myself that this wasn’t going to happen overnight and i had to work hard for it.

somethings i’ve noticed are that i can fit into some jeans easier, they’re a lot looser now. i don’t get as winded going up hills. i’ve lost a lot of weight around my stomach which is my biggest insecurity so i’m so proud of that.

i’ve still got at least 40lbs to go but i’m so proud of myself for getting a third of the way there!!

here’s a pic of my progress and another

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