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Here are the stats of my second day of running:


Hi! I just want to share something with people who just started their journey, to know that it is okay to try different workouts and to take your time to find the thing that you enjoy the most.

I started my (serious) weightloss jouney mid-January this year, and have been doing different workouts to find the thing I am most comfortable with.

I was always told that running is the best way to get in shape, but I never liked running, so I was afraid to go with that route. And as I wasn’t able to go to the gym (parents refusing + medical studies consuming my time), I had to work with what I had available at home. Thanks to my little brother being a competitive swimmer, we have an exercise bike, some dumbbells (2×2kg, 2×3kg), resistance bands, jumping rope and yoga matts. I decided to hop on the bike, starting with 10mins low speed (it really drained all my energy at the time) a, while doing other things like skipping rope (still one of my favourite activities) and low-to-mid intensity cardio. From the get go, I didn’t really enjoy the workouts but I just pushed myself to do them. By March, I could stay in the bike for 20-30min on a steady medium speed and started bodyweight and resistance training, though I never felt happy to workout. I always felt demotivated doing all these exercises and really struggled to keep up with my routine. By the end of May, I could go on the bike for 45min on a steady mid-to-high speed without breaking a sweat, and sticking all the weights together (10kg) and lifting them, but I never enjoyed it that much. I still viewed the workout as a chore and I’d always want to do something different. I am already a heavy walker (6-8km per day, 8000-11000 steps per day) and it is something I enjoy alot, so I thought I’d do something similar.

Three days ago my mom and I went to the rooftop (it’s a Moroccan rooftop; a big empty area with low walls in the perimeter and no ceiling, we use it to hang our laundry, to sunbath, have supper and such) to chill and have some fun, but I got an idea: why don’t I try to run on the rooftop? Our house is 200m², so I have plenty of space. I was demotivated because I remembered all the hard time I had during highschool with running, but I thought that I should at least give it a try. So I changed into my workout wear, started my timer and ran around in a big circle by the perimeter of the space.

It was the most enjoyable workout I’ve ever done. I never felt this good in my entire experience. I just jogged non-stop (at a medium-speed) till I felt tired, and I looked down at the timer and found out that I ran for 22 mins!

The next day I did the same thing and I ran more than 3.5km in 27min! I was so happy and I felt so good afterward. The one workout that I thought I dreaded is the one thing that I found the most enjoyable.

The same story happened with Zumba. I always looked down upon it and found it to be useless, till I found ZUMBA STRONG on Youtube and it is the most enjoyable type of cardio for me (after running, lol). I still use weights and resistance bands not to lose my muscle mass, but I do it out of necessity and absolutely do not enjoy it.

So for people who just started: Give every type of exercise a chance! And don’t be afraid to try different things! Any exercice is good exercice, you never know what you’re going to find most enjoyable!

I hope this helped someone with their journey!

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