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I’ve lost ~150lbs so far!

Hello all,

before and after

I use a 5/3/1 self modified workout routine (I squat and bench twice a week) and also do BJJ. I am now 35 with two young daughters and also married! So you can see I dont have much time to get things done lol. Here is my routine

Monday: chest with 3 accessory exercises, my max right now is 190lbs. Tuesday: 2 hours of BJJ Wednesday: off Thursday: Deadlift max rep of 200lbs with 3 accessory excercises Friday: OHP max rep of 115lb with 3 accessory excercises Saturday: 2 hours of BJJ Sunday: squats max rep of 200lbs with 3 accessory excercises

I typically dont push myself to lift as heavy as I can because I found that when I did this I was getting injured in BJJ. I am learning now that I dont need to lift crazy heavy to get results as long as i focus on form and control.

My diet is nothing mind bending, j never counted macros or calories. I just limited my carbs and cut out all sugars as much as possible. My diet is just consisting mostly of meat and veggies

My cardio is majority of jujitsu but when I am working out I usually do 10-12 min of HIIT on my treadmill

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