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I’ve been tracking my weight for over a year, here is a graph of my progress : loseit

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Around the end of 2018 I got very serious about losing weight and getting into shape, as you can see I lost about 20 lbs in 3-4 months and finally got to my goal weight. Well apparently I was getting a little too overzealous at the gym and wound up with a herniated disc in my back.

For the next few months there was a lot of pain, walking, stretching, and really the only thing I could concentrate on was trying to get better. As you can see there was no weight logged in that time. Fortunately, the pain was so bad I didn’t have much of an appetite and I wasn’t able to sit down to eat for more than a few minutes, so despite not being able to move much, I didn’t gain that much weight back.

In June of 2019 I had surgery to fix my herniation. The surgery was a smashing success, but the recovery required a lot of rest and the only exercise I could do was walk. Obviously I also got my appetite back and somehow managed to put back on all of the weight even faster than I lost it. I was so happy just to be out of pain and able to socialize I spent the rest of the summer eating out a lot and drinking beer.

At 12 weeks after surgery my doctor cleared me to resume exercise again within reason. This was about the time I realized how much weight I had gained and how quickly, so I decided to start taking it more seriously again. I got off to a decent start and then the holidays happened and hit another speed bump, but for the last couple months I’ve been working harder and trying to get back down to my goal weight and keep it there. It’s going a little more slowly this time, but I’m okay with that.

I’m a little mad at myself that I have to lose wight all over again, but I’m proud of myself for picking up where I left off and not giving up.

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