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I’m nervous corona-quarantine is going to hinder my weight loss progress : loseit

I [29F] have lost 40 lbs in the past 9 months. July 1, 2019 I was 184 lbs, and today I am 144 lbs.
Progress photos:

I live in New York, but my county doesn’t have any confirmed cases as of this writing. My FH and I went grocery shopping today, and almost everything we got is food I haven’t touched in months – frozen meals, pasta, rice, mac and cheese boxes, etc. We got some whole chickens, but no fresh vegetables, as they don’t keep well.

FH works at a bank, and I work at a small liberal arts university. Right now, I plan to go to work tomorrow, but the campus could be shut down at any time. (The students have already been sent home.) I’m very nervous about being quarantined. Growing up, my family experienced food insecurity, and I have dealt with a binge-eating disorder. I also have bipolar and anxiety. I can feel myself getting worked up, almost on the verge of a panic attack, and I’m nervous how this will affect my weight loss. I’m also panicking about family members contracting the virus – my father has terminal lung cancer, and my maternal grandmother is 92 and diabetic.

I have plenty of active things to do if we are put under quarantine – we’re remodeling our kitchen, I’m almost ready to start prepping my garden: putting up new fence, tilling the ground, building new raised beds, ordering mulch, starting seed kits indoors. I also have arts and crafts things I can do inside. I’m just worried about my mental health affecting my physical health, and I’m worried about my at-risk family members.

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