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I have lose 50 pounds, 17 years old. : loseit

Hi everybody, I want to share my journey, maybe I can inspire some of you to change your lifestyle, and become a better version of yourself. I was overweight my entire life, mostly because of poor eating habits and the lack of any kind of exercise, I reached 86kgs (190 pounds almost) at only 15 years old. Because of my overweight, I had a big lack of confidence, that (of course) made my life tough, I was unable to flirt with girls, insecure in front of people, and embarrased of my body. Last year, in October 2019, I decided to make a change, for my own good. I decided to change because one day, I realized I was the fat of my group of friends, I was the fat of my classroom, I was the fat of my entire school. Did not want my life to continue that way, it was time to change it before it was too late. I started my journey with 86kgs, 17 years old, thanks to reducing my consume of food, changing the kind of food that I ate, starting to exercise (only cardio at the beginning) I was able to lose my first 12 pounds in 4 weeks. After that, the motivation just started to grow inside of me, I wanted more, my initial objective was only to lose some fat, like 20 pounds or so. But after finding the correct way, and changing my habits, I realized something. It was so freaking easy, It just took some time. So the weight just started to drop, losing 12 pounds average by month, I didn’t even kill myself through work out. I exercised with light cardio 6 days a week and one day of rest. In my country it was vacations, so I was able to focus entirely in my process. Of course there were sometimes that I thought about quitting, giving up, fortunately, I never did. After I dropped 40 pounds I started to focus on weight training. So, after 5 months of hard work, now, March 2020, I can say that, for the first time in my entire life, I am satisfied for my body, but not only that, I am proud of myself, for going through this entire journey, and keeping it up, I am not planning to change my new lifestyle or stopping the workout. I am at 64.9 kgs (143 pounds), 174cm (5,7 ft) Unfortunately I don’t have the best before pictures, because I never thought that I was going to do this lol, and I never took pictures shirtless back when I was overweight. And of course, I still have a lot of work to do, but I look optimistic to it, I know it’s only a matter of time and perseverance. I hope this can motivate someone.


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