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I didn’t think I’d ever be able to lose 10 pounds : loseit

I FINALLY DID IT! I LOST TEN POUNDS! I’m now at 237.4 and on January 1st I was 247.4. It’s not exactly where I want to be, but I’m so, so happy. I was pretty worried, I met this guy that I fell in love with that broke my heart recently and I started binging horribly and I just totally fell off. I still feel horrible. Last night I had Mcdonald’s, Dominos, and five cookies. I felt absolutely terrible but decided since I had skipped my last weigh day I needed to do it now. I was fully expecting at least two pounds gained-hell, I would have been lucky if that’s all it was-but I had actually lost 2 more pounds and finally hit 10! I immediately took a progress picture and while I didn’t feel like I was getting smaller, you can clearly see my stomach is getting flatter!!!!! I got these super cute pants for Christmas that I couldn’t get into at all and I got to wear them to work last Friday! I’m so fucking excited. I have the motivation to start up again. (: I’ll post a link of my progress picture! Progress pics! Yay!!!!

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