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Gained 18lbs, then lost 25lbs during quarantine! Now onto losing another 25lbs! : loseit

22/M/173cms SW: 195 CW: 170 GW: 145 Progress chart

March 15, our college announced one week off since the pandemic had just reached our country. A week later an official nation-wide lockdown was announced. Considering the possibility of this nationwide lockdown I already came back home when the first week off was announced by our college.

1.5months of unhealthy eating, drinking lots of milk with sugar and chocolate powder with cookies and snacks twice a day apart from the usual meals….I weighed 195lbs on 2nd May. Almost 20lbs in 6 weeks. I got so disappointed because I was afraid I’d gain another 20 pounds in another 6 weeks if I continue like this.

I began on May 3 with CICO, IF and some bodyweight resistance training for the first 6 weeks..I got super lazy after 6 weeks and resorted only to CICO and IF. (Doing squats before bed really helped with the sleep though)

Calories In: never more than 1400/day. All these calories are overestimated. For counting calories, I add up the calories from each raw material used in its preparation. I always overcount calories from oil since it keeps me from overeating. I’d say I overestimate ~200kcal everyday but that’s okay because there are days when I eat 1450 calories and I don’t end up feeling bad knowing I had counted for this in advance.

Calories out : zero excersise, so almost none.

IF 16:8 to 17:7

TDEE : around 2000kcal

Changes made in diet:

No milk products (dropped nearly 500kcal because I was consuming around 500mL of milk everyday with sugar and chocolate)

No sugar at all

Using very little oil in food preparation

4)Dropped breakfast

5)Cut portions

6) No more snacks, only a Kiwi/Orange/Apple in evening

Liquid Calories are the worst and you should always avoid them!

My only stress right now is my University may keep exams soon and I may have to travel back to college and the hostel life, I hope I don’t end up ruining the diet.

Also, I’d like to thank this sub so much for the motivation! I’ve been trying to lose weight for many years now, never going below 175lbs. I owe all of it to this sub and the knowledge I gained here on how to loseit!

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