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For all the short girls struggling with those last few kilos…I did it! : loseit

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Stats: 30F, 5’2”, SW: 59.2kg (130.5lb), GW/CW: 50kg(110lb)

Being overweight isn’t something new to me. My heaviest was ten years ago at 74kg (163lbs) in my late teens. Some rigorous changes to eating habits and I managed to keep it between 55kg-65kg (121lb-143lb) over the years.

Last year, after a sudden spike to nearly 60kg, I decided it was time for some lasting change. One year afterwards I’m at my goal weight and gained some healthy habits along the way. It took considerable time, and shedding the last 5kgs was the hardest. My sole strategy was portion control.

What helped:

Weighting myself religiously: I try to weight myself everyday. I sometimes go rouge for as long as a week but having regular measurements really keep me on track. I’ve observed patterns in how my body weight fluctuates and am not alarmed at sudden weight spikes.

Meal prep! Before COVID struck, I either used to eat at work or order out. I was struggling to lose the last 5kg and meal prep was a game-changer. I make a meal plan for the week, grocery shop in bulk and batch cook every Sunday for the whole week. This saves time, saves cost stops impulsive(and unhealthy purchase decisions) and pushed me educate myself on nutrition.

I indulge – occasionally. The good thing about eating healthy is that you can savor treats without any guilt. I make it a point to order out occasionally and include a guilty treat in my weekly grocery shopping.

What changed:

Because my weight loss was so gradual, I didn’t really notice the visible effects at first – it was others who commented. Then I noticed how my clothes sat differently. The highlight was when I realized I really needed a belt because my jeans kept slipping down.

I feel so much more comfortable in my body. This is the lightest I’ve been since my early teens and damn it feels good! I still have some skinny fat (next fitness goal!) but overall I like how my body looks and feels.

Stretch marks -haha. Stretch marks I’ve never noticed suddenly started becoming very visible. I don’t love them but I can definitely live with them!

What I wish I’d done differently: Progress pics (seriously!)

What next: I’m still skinny fat – the remnants of my once ample muffin top and chubby upper arms. I don’t want to lose any more weight, so the next goal is a recomp to reduce my body. And this time, I’ll take progress pics!

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