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[Challenge] Loseit Enters the Roaring 20’s

Thank you all for completing the Loseit Enters the Roaring 20’s Challenge!

Another great challenge in the books. Thanks to the 55% of you trying your first challenge and to all our returning friends.

Thank you to our all volunteer team of captains, co-captains, subreddit hosts, and challenge admins who continue to make these challenges possible and to all the community who helps keep them active.

Final Stats:

We lost over 13,000 pounds together. That’s 1 full elephant lost!

250 people reached their weight loss goal for the challenge

We completed over 3 years of activity minutes (1,600,000 minutes)

We walked ~6 laps around the earth (290,000,000 steps)

Nearly 500 people completed all 8 weeks in a row

Week 7 Bragging Rights:

Head to Head step challenge winners:


Bathtub Gin

Al Capones


Bonus Activity Challenge (At least 1 day with 20k steps)

TIE – Speakeasy and Moonshine – 23 People each

Bathtub Gin – 18 People

Top steps and activity as a team



Bathtub Gin

Top weigh in % as a team



Bathtub Gin

Tune in next week where we’ll announce our next challenge theme and schedule. Thanks again everyone!

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